postpartum depression videos

Question: I am doing a research presentation on postpartum depression. I am looking for video clips that I can download of Andrea Yates, as well as other cases that have had mass media attention, or maybe just informational videos about ppd. Can anyone give me a site?

Answer: For any kind of Videos there’s YouTube:
To download videos from YouTube and any other site :
Get Firefox from
And then install the Download Helper extension from
It works great for me.

Since the videos are in the .flv format you need to get a flv player. You can get a very good one (and completely free ) here

Also you can use this site and copy/paste the url’s from the page with the video there but personally I’d recommend using Firefox

Firefox is the best !!!

And for movies and anything else use and and
To download from this site you need a torrent program like these :
BitComet or

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